Pandemic Flu Checklist: Event Planners The global status of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is changing daily and our facility is listening carefully to ongoing guidance and updates from city, state, and federal agencies. In light of the significant attention given to the virus, we want to assure you that we are taking this situation seriously and that the health and safety of our guests and our team members remain our top priority.

This communication provides details about the novel coronavirus and the Myrtle Beach Convention Center's protocol for dealing with major health concerns as news of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) continues.

The Myrtle Beach Convention Center is following all precautions issued by the City of Myrtle Beach, in addition to state and federal health officials, including the following:

  • 24-hour cleaning and sanitation in our convention center, using approved disinfectants. We have always had strong sanitization measures to clean and sanitize the facility and frequently touched surfaces. We are increasing those standards.
  • Placement of several additional hand sanitizer dispensers that are available for visitors and staff. Dispensers will be frequently monitored to ensure they are refilled and operating properly.
  • Increased signage around the convention center to include messages to attendees on best practices to avoid illness.
  • We will continue to follow updates and protocols suggested by the CDC, the state Department of Health, the local Department of Health and other credible agencies to best ensure the safety of our community. As always, we will follow all applicable guidelines, directives, and regulations.
  • We remain in close communication with many organizations regarding best practices.
  • We receive their communication and recommendations related to COVID-19. We are sharing observations and reporting on any potential news or strategic opportunities.
  • We encourage guests to take necessary precautions to reduce their risks of exposure to infectious germs and/or viruses. Wash hands often and limit touching your face, cover your mouth when coughing and stay home, or in your hotel room, when sick to prevent the spread of illness to others.

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